Community Pet Days



Health and family togetherness focus of Community Pet Days

Recognizing that responsible pet ownership can present some financial challenges along with the joy animals provide, the Community Pet Coalition will be conducting two Community Pet Days annually to help pet owners in need.

At each event, the Community Pet Coalition, made up of two animal rescue organizations — ALIVE Rescue and One Tail at a Time — will provide services such as microchipping and vaccinating pets, as well as supply flea and tick medication, spay/neuter vouchers, collars, leashes, harnesses, food and other items to families who may have difficulty caring for their pets.

Families experiencing behavior issues with their dogs can get help from trainers present at each Community Pet Day.

The consequences for not tending to these basic health needs include more strays, unwanted litters, sick animals and subsequently higher healthcare costs to treat them, and, ultimately, a lot of heartbreak when lost pets can’t be found or pets have to be given up, which may lead to an increase in euthanized animals.

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